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Downtown Toronto has a dynamic population, populated by many different cultures and different types of people. The city is bordered on the east by Lake Ontario and on the west by the Gardiner Expressway. Downtown Toronto has an eclectic mix of suburbs such as Brampton and Scarborough and an historic core that include the Distillery District.

Toronto has several distinct areas, including the downtown core, the eastern peninsula, the downtown east mid-range area, the western peninsula, the downtown west, and downtown north. The downtown core is home to the city’s political and economic heart. Downtown Toronto houses the city’s downtown business districts, including Toronto’s Financial District and Queen West, along with the Toronto Stock Exchange. The downtown core is also known for its entertainment, business, retail, cultural, academic, government, and professional institutions.

Toronto’s mid-range suburbs are located in the suburbs near the city centre. These suburbs have more rural amenities and are home to families with children who commute into the city. The downtown west, along with Scarborough and Brampton, are home to Toronto’s suburban middle class and have higher-end homes and shopping malls. The downtown north, including Etobicoke and North York, are home to the downtown’s suburbs’ high-end suburbs and are the areas most populated by professionals.

Downtown Toronto has a variety of shopping venues from large malls to small boutiques. The core has numerous shopping districts, including the Entertainment District, downtown Liberty Village, Yonge-Dundas Square, Scarborough Town Centre, and Davenport Shopping Centre. Downtown Toronto’s downtown core has many major attractions including the CN Tower and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) headquarters. The city’s downtown core is also the location for many major events, including the Toronto Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Toronto Pride, and Toronto Film Festival.

Downtown Toronto has a number of entertainment venues including theatres and clubs, which are the mainstay of nightlife in the area. Downtown Toronto has been home to many prominent performers, including Elvis Costello, Marv Albert, David Bowie, and John Bon Jovi. The downtown west end is home to the Theatre District, which is home to the prestigious Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto’s oldest and second most famous theatre, as well as the famous Toronto Film Festival. Many theatres and clubs in the downtown area host popular music shows, comedy performances, live concerts, as well as theatrical productions and other shows. Toronto has also been home to many famous personalities who live or have lived in the area including actress Bette Midler, comedian and writer Margaret Cho, singer and performer Michael Jackson, former NBA star and coach Dennis Rodman, television personality Chris Rock, as well as Canadian politicians.

The revitalized downtown area of Toronto is one of the hottest places in Canada to live. The downtown core has been a hot spot for artists and tourists for generations, but is now getting back to its roots as an up-and-coming cultural center in North America.